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We design and manufacture ideal solutions for the effective and gentle bagging of your garments. With the POLYPACK-production range we offer you automatic single- and multiple bagging systems for hanging garments in different capacity levels.

The product range is supplemented with special machines and additional components like bundling- or labeling systems

Our Machines and Products

Single Bagging

Type 40/42 - max. 400 bags / hour
Type 60/62 - max. 600 bags / hour
Type 80/82 - max. 800-1.000 bags / hour
Type 130/132 - max. 1300 bags / hour

Set Bagging

Type 45 - max. 300-350 Sets/ hour
Type 65 - max. 600-650 Sets/ hour

Special Solutions

Labeling Systems
Comb Bundler
Transport Systems


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Innovation, speed and reliablity are the key facts for POLYPACK`s worldwide success. We work hard to stay as a leader in technology for all your needs.


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